Toegevoegd: 17-12-2019 om 02:16 uur (aangepast op 06-12-2020)

Been some time, but made quite some updates.
Problem is, I don't really remember a lot of them, because I made them locally.
If you find bugs, let me know at info [@]

- Stealing for Thiefs
- Profession leveling works

- Thiefs and Assassins can now hide 3 x 1 hour every day (<- mega-update :) )
- Search members by level
- Assassins can now backstab
- Added a timer on members-page to show when you will get your next attack.

- Dealer planting is heavily updated. For now impossible expensive because it needs a lot of testing
- Changed look and feel top 3- and members-overview a little
- Everone can now hide (rent a safehouse) three times a day for one hour

- backstab as assasin (3x)
- make/use bombs as terrorist (3x)